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7 de diciembre de 2021
9 de diciembre de 2021

How to install the latest Facebook page in WordPress

By installing a Facebook page or fan page in WordPress, the blog will look more attractive. We can create a Facebook page for free which we then use to share. Everyone who wants to subscribe to the information on our Facebook page, other people have to like. So for website or blog developers (webmasters), we can view this Facebook page on websites for all platforms. To install a Facebook page on a blog as a WordPress CMS, we need to play with the code. So this only applies to self-hosted or self-hosted WordPress, not

Now the look of the Facebook page has changed from the previous look. In my opinion, the latest Facebook page appearance installed in WordPress is a little more attractive than the previous version of the Facebook page. Not only the Like button that appears on the Facebook page installed in WordPress, but there is also a button to share the Facebook Pixel page with others (share). This will increase visitor traffic to our blog. As more and more blog articles are shared through the Facebook page, there will be plenty of opportunities for visitors to learn about the links of the articles we share (share).

How to insert a Facebook page in WordPress?
The main requirement before installing a Facebook page on a blog or WordPress is that we must first have a Facebook page. You can create a Facebook page (fan page) on your respective Facebook account. Don’t have a Facebook account yet? You can read in my previous article How to create the latest Facebook in 2015.

After creating a Facebook page, the next step is to install the Facebook page on the blog or WordPress we manage. Visit the following link Next what we need is to include the Facebook page URL we have in the Facebook page URL box. Furthermore, we can determine the dimensions of the Width (minimum 180 and maximum 500) and of the Height (minimum 130). This only fits the space / place where we will install the Facebook fan page in WordPress.

This Facebook page has the Hide Cover Photo option available (to hide the Facebook page display photo). Then there is also the Show friendly faces setting (to show or hide the look of the photos of people who like / people who like our Facebook page). Finally, Show page post (to show or hide the posts / articles we publish on the Facebook page).