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Link Full Fernando Baez Sosa Video Captures His Tragic Murder

Link Full Fernando Baez Sosa Video Captures His Tragic – A video by Fernando Baez Sosa shows eight amateur rugby players brutally murdering him on January 18, 2020.
According to the video, the attack lasted about 45 seconds. Eight Argentinian amateur rugby players have been convicted of the murder of 18-year-old law student Fernando Baez Sosa.

On Monday, February 6, 2023, five of his attackers were sentenced to life imprisonment, with a maximum of 35 years in Argentina and 3-15 years in prison. The author is 21 to 23 years old. This is his one of the most sensational cases in Argentina.
Paez Sosa was the only son of immigrants from Paraguay. He and his friends were at a nightclub at Villa Gesell when a fight broke out between them and the rugby players. After being ejected from the club, rugby players attacked Baez-Sosa, kicking, punching and using racial slurs.
The brutality of the crime and the fact that it was committed by members of the same rugby team sparked widespread public outrage and highlighted the problem of racism in Argentina. Black parts,” shouts could be heard.

Although racial hatred was not the subject of law enforcement, many activists, family members and government officials believed it was a key factor in the attacks. Argentina’s National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism described it as a clear racist attack.

“Fernando is the only victim,” his mother, Graciela Sosa, told reporters before sentencing. I killed him in the worst possible way.

Báez Sosa’s father has spoken about the crime being driven by hate and feelings of superiority based on skin color.

Fernando’s father, Silvio Páez, wrote about a year after the crime, “My son was beaten for racial reasons.” “It was hate. They may have blond hair and feel superior, and Fernando had dark skin. “

The trial began with the testimony of 80 witnesses, including youths who witnessed the attack and parents of rugby players.

Prosecutors sought life sentences for all members of the rugby team, while the defense argued they should have been acquitted because they did not intend to kill Baz Sosa. Despite the conviction, some believe that Argentina’s justice system does not fully acknowledge the existence of racism.

Alejandro Mamani, a lawyer and member of the anti-racism group Identidad Marron, believes the case of Fernando Báez Sosa marks a turning point in Argentina.

He said that race was at issue in the case, but not everyone fully understood the implications, and that much work remained to be done to address racism in this country. It claims that there are

In many ways Fernando epitomized the “average Argentinian”. He was the beloved son of a working-class family and embarked on a journey to advance his social standing through his academic excellence. His death sparked a conversation about racism in Argentina, leading people to demand justice for victims of hate crimes.

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