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New Full Viral Video Bhai Behan Ka Pyaar Captured in this Video On Internet Emotional

New Full Viral Video Bhai Behan Ka Pyaar Captured in this Video On Internet – They really say that sometimes it’s better to be a brother than to be a superhero. Brother and sister undoubtedly have a special bond. Sibling bonds are one of the strongest bonds we can have because they are formed early in life and have a huge impact on how we develop emotionally.

Netizens broke down in tears after watching a viral video of the siblings showing the great bond between the siblings. A video of a 7-year-old girl comforting her crying sister has gone viral.

Videos can also spark your emotions in unexpected ways. Instagram user PAPz posted this video. In it, a boy is standing next to his sister, who is sitting on a chair. She is crying and making sad face.

 The little boy says good-bye to her, holding her face and wiping her tears. In the short video you can feel the unconditional love between the two brothers.

The Instagram user who posted the video said: “This happened last year in 2021. While my brother was playing, he suddenly saw his sister crying, dropped everything and ran to see if she was okay. He looked at me trying to figure out what happened to him and asked if I had done anything.

He then wipes her tears and asks if everything is okay. She kept her silence because she understood that she could not tell him what had happened to her. 
He is 7 years old but still has the maturity to sit back and realize that he is having a bad day and not a good one and reassure him that everything will be okay. Since the video was shared in Nov. 7, has so far amassed 4 million likes and 6 million views.

Many viewers were touched by the video. People responded to the video by posting various comments in the comments section. One user commented, “He’s going to be a gentleman.” God bless this sweet boy and their beautiful bond!

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