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New Update 600 Breezy Reveals Girlfriend’s Last Message To Him Before Suicide

New Update 600 Breezy Reveals Girlfriend’s Last Message To Him Before – Rapper 600 Breezy on Tuesday evening affirmed that his girlfriend Raven Jackson had committed suicide.

Blustery experienced harsh criticism as many speculated that he had something to do with Jackson’s passing. Trolls overwhelmed his and Jackson’s accounts and left messages about him including her in his Chicago meat with NBA YoungBoy.

However, 600 Breezy shared that his girlfriend had psychological wellness issues and he made an honest effort to adore and support her dreams. “My child was harming and I did all that I could to show her only love and make all the difference for her.

I put everything into her and her business. I trusted in her I worshipped the ground she strolled on,” the rapper who has been freely grieving said.

He shared how devastating her demise is to him and called for individuals need to seriously take emotional wellness.

“She’s gone for eternity. I can’t stand myself. Please when your friends and family are showing signs of any psychological harm or health please take them serious. This is genuine. This is the very thing that she left me with. Also, I suppose to have the option to keep on living ????? @raven.k.jackson you always let me know you needed to go out youthful so you can get that adoration you deserve from others and be a legend.

But what might be said about your family child what might be said about me ? you let my heart so vacant and broken lifeless be. Furthermore, regardless

what they say or what you say I will everlastingly feel like it’s my shortcoming. Please you all focus on the signs of depression or psychological well-being.”

Windy also shared Jackson’s last thoughts. She sent him an extensive instant message where she said farewell and made sense of her reasons for needing to end her life.

The long and excruciating instant message expresses how she has been struggling with her emotional well-being for quite a while. The messages don’t say if Jackson sought help or therapy to manage the issues she confronted but rather spoke about how she drove herself into work and her many ventures until she felt vacant and tired.

“I’m just worn out child. I was managing these thoughts before you met me. I was just waiting for the perfect opportunity. This is my third time writing this fr. It’s no one’s shortcoming, I’ve been drained for quite a while. I surrendered quite some time in the past, I just work effectively of concealing it.

The present moment as I’m writing this I’m recalling that us blissful, taking a gander at our videos, envisioning how beautiful of a lady of the hour I would’ve been. It’s 5pm here, this scaffold is actually great. I wish we would’ve came here together. Some homeless individuals sprinkled in but not too much,” she composed.

“You were the best thing that happened to me in quite a while Toni but I know I’m a ton to manage. we’re as distant as we’ve at any point been. I love you with my entire existence. I was unable to take demolishing us. I’m losing every one of my loved ones. I need to leave here realizing that I didn’t f**k this one relationship up. I wish you were here to send me off like Murda did Teak, but you presumably wouldn’t so understand anyway.

What’s more, as much as I believe you should see my perspective, I didn’t believe our last conversation should be a contention so that is the reason I was so calm. I simply needed to hear your voice one final time.

You reserve each option to feel what you feel towards me child. I love you Antonio, I prav I get to cherish you in a better life where I’m a better version of me. You deserve that much,” the message ended.

Blustery and Raven were together for quite some time, the rapper said. The rapper on Tuesday shared several videos and photos of them during their relationship and said that he was heartbroken in the wake of finding out about her passing.

“Im f***ed up until the end of my life child intellectually you just finished me . Im shaking I’m crying I love you so much stinky pie . My lady my wife my life … You pushed me away so you can do this ??? I would’ve passed on with you raven I did any and everything for you … I’ll at absolutely no point ever have the option to cherish in the future @raven.k.jackson . I’ll see you soon child. God help me please,” he added.

Jackson’s demise has sent shockwaves across social media as many responded to her sudden passing. She was an alum of Jackson State University graduate and had 257K committed followers on Instagram.

The Tennessee local was also a sprouting movie producer with several prominent credits under her name. she was also a fitness force to be reckoned with and had several lines of business in that industry.

Large numbers of her fans expressed shock at her sudden passing. “I can’t completely accept that Raven Jackson killed herself . She was so beautiful, businesses getting along nicely, god-like physique, in a relationship.. she offered other ppl guidance and everything. I actually cried because she seemed so cheerful like I would’ve never suspected… Ppl truly be struggling intellectually brother,” one fan said.

“The Raven Jackson situation is genuinely sad. Everyone keeps saying she seemed so cheerful she seemed so this and that. Stop assuming sh** about individuals bc of what you see. I went through having Dr’s let you know they can’t find anything,its miserable
Tear to her and condolences to her family,” another composed.

If you or someone you know is examining suicide, there are numerous resources in the United States to help. Call 988 for Lifeline Suicide and Crisis help.

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