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New Video Awkward wedding guest speech goes viral after she says: “I’m not gonna be racist”

New Video Awkward wedding guest speech goes viral after she says: “I’m not gonna be racist” – New Video Awkward wedding guest speech goes viral after she says: “I’m not gonna be racist”.

Hi, back to the administrators who always provide the most recent and interesting information. On this occasion, administrators discuss the latest and most popular information about video tips. Be racist,” Buru Netizens linked, the full link going viral on Twitter.

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A video of the wedding guest’s awkward speech after he said ‘I’m not going to be racist’ has gone viral. The full link here was tweeted this week and has been buzzing on social media like Twitter and Facebook. See why this happened.

Check it out below For those of you who are curious and unfamiliar with the topic that the admin will be discussing this time, you should read this article to the end.

An incredibly scary and awkward speech at a wedding went viral on TikTok for all the wrong reasons. This clip, shared by Tori (browneyed_beautee), the groom’s sister, has more than 10 million views of her on TikTok and moved her speech from zero to inappropriate.

The video begins with the wife, Shannon, introducing herself and adding that she has known the bride, Tracy, for several years. She also says she doesn’t know her new husband Anthony very well, but Tracy talks about him all the time.

It’s going well, but things start to go wrong when he says, “You better take care of your daughter, or I know where you live.” This provokes a series of very embarrassing laughs from the wedding guests. He added: “You are family, I swear to God.

I’m not trying to be racist, I’m just saying. Then he said “I’m going to be racist” and the mixed race couple said “I like it”. I started to shut my mouth.

Tori posted on TikTok “NOISY ALERT. So my sister got married last weekend and one of my friend’s letters … Mrs. The girl seems nervous, but some of us said:

Video link Awkward wedding guest speech goes viral after she says: “I’m not gonna be racist”

As you can imagine, the reaction to this video is shocking and surprising.

One person wrote in the comments: “Who starts clapping = Master. In other words, it had to happen. awesome.”

Another man said: Who has such a friend? I am now interrogating the bride. And I ask the groom as much as the bride.

“WhatsTTTT is like watching a bedside table at an open mic,” said a third. “The wedding was still going on and it was a good time,” Tori replied.

He wasn’t happy to see a message from Tracy saying that Tori had also shared the conversation. “When he started walking in there, I froze a bit and grabbed Anthony’s hand,” she wrote. Seeing the family gave Ty this light: “Look at me.” ”

At this point, we are all flabbergasted and can only congratulate the happy couple.

To show that not all talk is awkward, Tori shared a video from another friend of Tracy’s. The video of the wedding guest’s embarrassing speech after he said “I will not be racist” went viral, link on Buru        Netizens due to the controversial video which has been widely circulated in various media, but you have to be sure that this scene in this video, there is real creator content showing the action but I don’t know if the video was edited by an irresponsible person or not, for those who are curious, don’t worry, the admin here explains the video in detail, many people might be confused. Find the current video

This is because we provide different types of links, but to make it easier for the admin to find the video, we equip it with keywords related to the video.

Leaked Video wedding guest speech goes viral after she says: “I’m not gonna be racist”

Video Video Video link provided by Buru Netizen to help you find the video easily. You can select the link provided by the admin above.

A video of an embarrassing speech after a wedding guest said “I’m not going to be racist” went viral, and a link to Buru Netizens’ video can be viewed by the official at the link below. Visit the keywords the admins are discussing below.

Because the next discussion this time around will be just as interesting as the discussion between Twitter moderators, friends, and manga warriors.


This is the information that is going viral in mid-2022 about the wedding invitee’s embarrassing speech after saying “I will not be racist”, here is the full link, and I hope this information is useful to everyone.

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